Tighten management of white leg shrimp farming in freshwater areas


In particular, it is required to direct and guide the development of brackish water shrimp farming in accordance with the local aquaculture development plans. Continue to strictly implement Official Letter No. 1171/BNN-TCTS on the management of whiteleg shrimp farming in freshwater areas of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
For localities that have stocked vannamei shrimp in freshwater areas, farmers are requested not to re-stock after harvesting, so as not to generate new farming areas.
Strengthen inspection, supervision, and strictly handle violations of brackish shrimp farming in freshwater areas, especially violations of planning implementation, environmental protection, and the use of banned and non-toxic substances. in the list permitted for use in aquaculture in Vietnam.
At the same time, continue to propagate so that people can understand the immediate and long-term effects of whiteleg shrimp farming in freshwater areas, and promptly prevent negative impacts on agricultural production and people’s lives. people.
According to Environmental Newspaper

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