Sustainable shrimp farming development technology

The first seminar with the theme “Science and technology for high-tech shrimp farming” was chaired by Dr. Tran Dinh Luan, Deputy Director of the General Department of Fisheries, and Dr. Pham Anh Tuan, Head of the VietShrimp Scientific Committee 2018. The second workshop with the theme “Sustainable shrimp farming development” was chaired by Dr. Phan Thanh Lam, Research Institute of Aquaculture II, and Dr. Le Thanh Luu, Head of International Cooperation Department of Vietnam Fisheries Association. During the two days of the workshop, there were many presentations by experts and researchers with in-depth information, high technology content, providing a lot of information for shrimp farmers.
Dr. Tran Dinh Luan, Deputy Director General of the General Department of Fisheries, said that Vietnam’s shrimp industry in recent years has had a strong development, achieved many great achievements, contributing to the overall development of the seafood industry. However, besides that, this development also faces many challenges that need to be overcome. That is the unstable source of broodstock, limited hatchery techniques, disease problems, environmental impact…
Towards high technology is the solution given to the shrimp industry towards sustainable development. As shared by Mr. Nguyen Viet Thang, Head of the Organizing Committee of VietShrimp 2018, there needs to be a drastic change in shrimp farming by applying high technology to form an efficient production chain.
Presenting at the Workshop, Dr. Tran Huu Loc, Director of Shrimpvet Aquatic Pathology Research Department introduced about “Methods to prevent diseases on farmed shrimp” which received much attention from the delegates. Accordingly, a number of solutions are given which are: Selection of disease-free, quality shrimp seed; Checking ponds before stocking by PCR method; Establish a balanced micro-algae system before stocking and should be maintained throughout the growing season; Implementation of shrimp rearing, 2 stages of farming; Supplementing intestinal microbiological products, disease-preventing food. In particular, using products containing Bacillus strains is considered to have great potential to increase resistance to pathogenic bacteria.


Experts at home and abroad to attend the Conference
The reports at the workshop provided and shared information on some of the main issues in shrimp farming today such as: diseases, shrimp seed production, broodstock development, scientific progress, and technology application. high quality, production chain… The experts and participants had discussions, answered questions and shared a lot of useful information. Through seminars, farmers can grasp a lot of new information, technologies and solutions to make shrimp farming more successful and sustainable.
Speaking at the conclusion of the workshop, Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, Head of Science Committee of VietShrimp 2018 said that during the 2 days of the workshop, there were 16 thematic reports on the current status and orientation of the national action plan to develop Vietnamese shrimp. by 2025, achievements in shrimp broodstock, high density rearing, solutions and applications in shrimp nutrition; measures to prevent diseases on shrimp, microbiological technology in shrimp farming, shrimp farming without antibiotics, development orientation of rice shrimp, wild shrimp… these topics were highly appreciated by farmers and experts through the section. lively discussion. Thereby, many recommendations and solutions were given to help the shrimp industry develop effectively and sustainably, such as: applying Biosecurity farming (biosecurity in farming); effectively ensure disease-free shrimp seed; To develop industrial and intensive shrimp but pay attention to environmental issues, it is necessary to have sanctions to develop effectively; Improved ecological and extensive shrimp farming should be developed as one of the priority orientations in shrimp development in Vietnam; Solving the problem of environmental pollution, managing input materials…
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