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Preliminary results on the operation of fish passage in Phuoc Hoa barrage

THUrsday - 18/09/2014 22:03
Fish way for Phuoc Hoa barrage is the first work constructed in Viet Nam. It was designed as a by-pass or simple ‘natural channel fish pass’ 1.9km long with a longitudinal slope varying between 0.7 and 1.43%. Water velocities are limited to 0.6m/sec.
Especially there are four “rest ponds” for fish to rest along the fishway in order for them to migrate upstream. Preliminary results show that 57 fish species are identified in both fishway and around the barrage, belonging to 7 orders and 18 families. In which, there are 39 species in the fishway (7 orders and 17 families). In those 39 species, there are 24 species downward migration and only 12 species upstream migration. Parambassis siamensis is the most dominated: 89.97% of total individuals in the catch for upward migration and 66.62% individuals for downward migration. Osteochilus vittatus, Cosmochilus harmandi, Cyclocheilichthys apogon, and Barbonymus schwanenfeldii is very popular in belower and upper the barrage, but the results found that they just migrate downward, not migrate upward. Location of the inlet of fish passage is far away from the barrage and water velocity is slow in the inlet. This is considered the two main causes for many species unable to identify the inlet of the fishway for upward migration.

Vu Vi An
Inland Fisheries Resources & Capture Division


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