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All male reproduction of Macrobrachium rosenbergii by insulin-like gene silencing in the androgenic gland through RNA interference

WEDnesday - 23/07/2014 16:44
Within the aquaculture industry in Vietnam, the demand of the all male prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii seed is one of overriding importance.

Macrobrachium rosenbergii is an important freshwater prawn species having commercial importance in Vietnam. The all male prawn farming brings most highly profitable for farmers; therefore seed demand for popular culture is always very high. Lasted technology called RNA interference for creating neo-female is inactivated a single IAG-encoding gene of male insulin-like prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii insulin-like androgeneic gland, Mr-IAG) for producing all male seed is being successfully implemented at the Research Institute for Aquaculture No. 2. The currently result has achieved with double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) synthesis to mRNA encodes Androgenic Gland. The important factor for success is very young shrimp age at the time of the first injection, period and time of injections. Sex reversal rate after two to three months injection is 88-92% female, dsRNA of injection time around 2 months; frequency of dsRNA injection is 2 weeks.

Bui Thi Lien Ha
Department of Experimental Biology


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